Air-purge cleanable design allows for fast, easy cleaning without gun disassembly.

Designed for use with the Sure Coat modular gun control system and individual Sure Coat gun controller, the Sure Coat automatic gun provides the most efficient, versatile and operator-friendly powder application tool in the industry. With the Sure Coat automatic gun and Sure Coat control with Select Charge® technology, finishers can achieve superior coating coverage and efficiency across all types of applications, including recoats, from the simplest to the most complex part geometries.

The Nordson Sure Coat automatic powder spray gun provides proven Nordson technology and performance in an air-purge cleanable design for fast, easy cleaning, both inside and out, without gun disassembly, a requirement today for quick-colorchange powder coating applications.

The Sure Coat automatic gun’s easy-clean design also reduces downtime where air-purge cleaning capability is used simply for routine daily-maintenance cleaning. Operator Selectable Coating Modes and Digital Flow Control for Superior Performance Precise control of gun current is critical to ensure optimal powder charge and the quality and efficiency of any powder coating operation. The combination of Automatic Feedback Current (AFC) control with Select Charge technology for various coating modes, provides the highest level of flexibility and operating parameter control needed to tailor powder system operation to your specific application requirements.

The iControl Integrated Control System features user-adjustable Automatic Feedback Current control to optimize system performance over the widest variety of part profiles and configurations. In the AFC mode, the Sure Coat controller automatically adjusts electrostatic voltage output to maintain the optimal powder charge and external field strength regardless of the gun-to-part distance for uniform powder deposition across the part. This provides the most consistent, overall coating coverage and highest finish quality possible.

For difficult applications, for example, recoating and coating inside deep cavities, iControl offers five different Select Charge modes to further simplify system performance optimization by providing application-specific coating modes with electrostatic parameters optimized to deliver unmatched coating performance.

Innovative Internal Powder Pathway Design The Sure Coat automatic gun features a straight-through powder path with precision, positive-compression connections backed up by o-ring seals to eliminate potential internal powder leakage and areas of color contamination exhibited by conventional powder spray guns. The straightthrough powder path and nozzle design also provide highly uniform powder spray patterns for improved coating efficiency and film-build control.

The gun’s internal powder pathway components are made of high-performance material engineered to release powder during air-purge cleaning and to minimize powder impact fusion. Several Versions Meet Varying
Requirements The Sure Coat automatic gun is available in 4-ft (136.8 cm), 5-ft (167.3 cm) and 6-ft (197.8 cm) lengths to accommodate varying powder spray booth widths for coating very small to very large products. The
gun’s width is only 1.7 inches (4.3 cm), minimizing surface area to clean during color change. It also minimizes the necessary automatic gun slot widths in powder booths for improved booth airflow control.


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