Until now, all powder spray systems included only one set of electrostatic parameters, designed to provide acceptable performance across a wide variety of part configurations. But to achieve optimal coating performance, flat panels require a different set of electrostatic parameters than coating the inside of a cavity. And the electrostatics needed for touch-up operations are different from those for recoating painted parts. As a result, conventional powder spray systems cannot deliver high coating performance in all applications.

The Nordson Sure CoatTM powder spray system* provides a solution with patented Select ChargeTM technology, which allows you to choose the ideal electrostatic parameters for your particular application. Now you can achieve a level of coating quality, efficiency and consistency never before possible.

For most applications, the standard kV-adjustable coating mode used with Automatic Feedback Current (AFC) control provides unmatched performance across the widest range of part profiles. Plus, you can select from three advanced coating modes, each optimized for difficult applications such as recoating, touch-up, and painting parts with deep cavities.

Automatic Feedback Current (AFC) Control. Three coating modes can be operated with Automatic Feedback Current (AFC) control, which automatically maintains the un current at an optimal operator-selectable level. In the AFC mode, the Sure Coat controller automatically adjusts the highvoltage output to maintain the optimal powder charge and external field strength regardless of the gun-to-part distance. This precise control is crucial for penetrating Faraday cage areas and for uniform powder deposition across the part. This provides the most consistent overall coating coverage and highest finish quality.

Operation is fast and easy. Simply press the AFC button on the controller and set the maximum current level. The Sure Coat controller will automatically adjust the gun voltage to maintain the current within the
preset level. Operator-friendly control of the coating process. The Sure Coat control unit is designed for ease of operation, with simple, easily identifiable controls. The operator simply selects the coating mode and begins to spray. To operate the Sure Coat system as a conventional spray gun, just press the "Standard" button and adjust the voltage.

The Sure Coat control also provides "constant-read" gauges, which display air-pressure and electrostatic parameters even when guns are not triggered on. This makes it fast and easy to control and maintain proper settings.


Ease of troubleshooting and maintenance. The system includes self-diagnostics to reduce downtime, minimize rejects and facilitate troubleshooting. Each time the control unit is powered on, it conducts a self-test to ensure proper system operation. If an operating parameter falls outside a normal operating range during operation, the control will display a fault-condition icon corresponding to the failed parameter. By pressing the Nordson logo button on the front panel, the control unit will activate a self-diagnostics cycle to identify the specific fault. An automatic, operator-resettable timer displays the cumulative time the gun has been in operation. This feature helps the operator monitor part wear to facilitate scheduling of preventative maintenance.

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